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Hungry Hair   jRL   JPC001

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Why the effects of treatment or color fade out after few days?

Why my hairs still look like the same after application of hair mask or lotion?

The root of problem is from your clean instead of hair products. Dirt, bacterium or even metallic residues still exist after shampoo. And hair could not be cleaned in depth. In other words, no matter how many bottles of treatment or cream are applied, the absorption of your hair is still poor. What you feel differently is only the surface of hair. And effects of hair products will still fade out quickly. Therefore, cleaning in depth is what you need to pick up first.

Nano Hair Care machine JPC001 can achieve your requirements:

· Increase the absorption level of hair products.

This could be achieved by the advanced high pressure steam generator and efficient Nano generator for water irons. 4.0 atmospheric pressure and 145 degree of high temperatures have supplied a good condition for chemical reaction of hair products.

In addition, this helps Nano water molecules go through hair easily and clean in more effective way. Therefore the outcome of hair products is improved.

· Repair the damaged hair.

In the application of advanced ceramic generator, super micro Nano water molecule when absorbed high energy and heat can facilitate the combination of protein and metabolism in hair. Thus damaged hair could be repaired.

· For moisture.

Since Nano water irons have the features of strong absorption and adhesion force, they are able to reach the depth of hair fiber and horniness and thus provide moisture.

Hungry Hair information:

Size: 48.8 *47.5*134 cm

Package: 1 piece per carton

Gross weight: 42.5 kg

Material: Plastic and metal

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